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Premium Service with YouTube TV Red

YouTube TV launched its promising Live TV service called YouTube Red in 2017, with unlimited DVR powers. You can even save your recordings for up to nine months. Without any interference of undesirable (unwanted) advertisements, and with flipping screen access, YouTube Red has a commendable reason to buy this phenomenal membership. The eminent part about YouTube Red is that the Background play feature helps you to play the videos on the background screen.

Paid Membership

While YouTube TV Red is a paid membership, which is broadcasted by popular cable and satellite networks, YouTube Red has a separate service available in selected countries.

Available Countries

Countries where YouTube TV Red is available are United States, Australia, Korea, New Zealand and Mexico. Beyond these, the live-stream service is unfortunately not yet relayed.

Dual Membership

With the standard membership, viewers can watch YouTube Red Original series. Rather, take a dual membership and avail YouTube TV & YouTube Red and watch all your favorite content ad-free.

Sneak-Peek of YouTube Red’s services

We all know what YouTube and YouTube Premium (Formerly known as YouTube Red) are. For those who don’t, it is a video streaming website founded sometime in 2005 where you can watch and upload videos for free. YouTube claims to have over a billion users, giving free content to watch and upload in exchange of the mandatory ads in-between every video. Only through these advertisements, YouTube and its creators can share revenue on each video that’s given as free content.

Breaking the rules, YouTube TV Red gets all your favorite series and video tracks without any ads interference at a premium subscription.

Features and benefits of YouTube Red and its subscription

Of course, everybody gets sick of ads at some point; this is where YouTube Premium comes in. You will find YouTube Red subscription as an option on the standard YouTube website or app. This setting determines whether you will view ads on videos and whether you will be able to access exclusive content.

  • Every individual can subscribe to YouTube Premium for $11.99 a month and in exchange watch regular YouTube videos absolutely free of advertisements.
  • Other benefits include a YouTube Red membership with members-only access to series, movies and other exclusive content created by YouTuber’s. This is known better as ‘YouTube Originals’.
  • Moreover, the premium subscription gives you access to watch all the favorite videos and series simultaneously on Three streams with Six accounts.
  • You can also accomplish offline viewing of your favorite content by downloading it on to your phone and saving it up to 30 days.
  • Listen to the videos with your screen turned off (flipping screens are also allowed).
  • Along with all these, you get a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music.

YouTube Premium

Compatible devices

YouTube Red is compatible with iOS and Android devices and other leading streaming players in the industry such as Roku – Besides, it also works on video gaming consoles and Smart TVs.




Differences between YouTube Red and YouTube TV

The basic difference between the two is the kind of content that they stream. YouTube TV streams live content while YouTube Red provides access to premium video services that include popular shows and movies too. YouTube TV predominantly looks to replace satellite television but YouTube Red contains exclusive ad-free features that stream content popularized by YouTuber’s.

  • A subscription to YouTube TV costs about $40 a month while YouTube Premium is about $11 a month.
  • YouTube TV does not appear as a setting on the website or app but instead, it functions as a stand-alone channel.
  • For the monthly fee that you pay on YouTube TV, you can get live access to over 40 cable TV channels like ABC & CBS and immediate access to YouTube Premium Originals content.
YouTube Originals

With YouTube Red TV, you can watch the Originals absolutely ad-free. Save the videos to your phone and watch them later at your leisure time.


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