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Why you should get it to watch YouTube red original movies

The YouTube of today is a far cry from its video sharing origins. After Google brought the company, it has only registered exponential growth fast becoming the single most important platform when it comes to making and consuming and sharing video content. The reach of YouTube is so great that even Governments have their official channels to reach their people in YouTube Red Original Movies.

What is YouTube Red and what are its features?

YouTube Red or YouTube premium is a subscription model for YouTube . Costing $12/month it is an expensive option for video streaming.

By choosing YouTube premium you get a bunch of perks, like having ad free streaming, getting the chance to listen to tracks on YouTube after locking your phone screen. You will also get a free add-on subscription to Google play music with a YouTube Red subscription. But, the major reason anyone would get a subscription would be for watching YouTube Originals and YouTube red original movies.

YouTube red original movies

Get YouTube Red on your Roku Device

  • You should first open your Roku’s store page and goto the most popular section and from there you should download the YouTube app.
  • Using your Google credentials you should enter into the YouTube Roku app and you will be able to watch YouTube red original movies.

YouTube red movie list 2019


Seven boys from Korea have a band, a boy band that was to rival the other bands in the country (Korea). Little did BTS know that six years later, they will be the biggest boy band in the entire world and that they would headline the American Music Awards.

The movie Burn the stage, is a YouTube Red Original Movies production. Burn the stage follows BTS as they travel across America, performing at sold out venues.

This YouTube original allows fans of the band to get a sneak peak to what happens when their favorite band is on tour. Burn the stage, is an original movie that you can watch if you are ARMY.

This is everything : Gigi Gorgeous

This is everything: Gigi Gorgeous is another Original Movie that follows the life of the Giselle Loren Lazzarato. This YouTube Premium movies is one that shows you what real courage is all about. It follows her, Gigi, as she comes out of the closet and through her transition into her new life. Gigi Gorgeous is a movie about self empowerment and belief in the self.

The Thinning

The Thinning is Logan Paul’s attempt at acting and surprisingly he does a good job at it. This YouTube red original movies shows the acting chops of Logan Paul. Even though the movie doesn’t have a coherent plot line and is generic at best, this is a movie which frequently appears on top of the YouTube premium movies list. This is one movie that goes on your must watch list, only if you are a fan of the Paul brothers.

Demi Lovato : Simply complicated

Demi Lovato : Simply complicated follows the life pop star Devi Lovato as she struggles against alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Moreover, YouTube red original movies is a hard look at the pressures successful pop-stars are under Demi Lovato’s millions of screaming fans. The substance abuse they, Demi Lovato, involve in to reduce the screaming in their head. This YouTube red movies bares it all.


Ghost mates is another original movies that is a laugh riot. The movies follows Ed who is a down on his luck fella who must help a ghost figure out and complete his last wish on Earth. Will he be able to do it forms the rest of the movie.

These are the most  trending YouTube TV Red Movies list to watch don’t miss activate YouTube TV Red on your Streaming device now, Reach us anytime to get the our 24/7 customer support for more clarification at +1-866-460-9280.

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