To Know More About YouTube Red App and It’s Features

Youtube Red App

YouTube Red, a premium service from the video giant, is the one which has ad-free videos. Besides, this is in addition to the usual content that you enjoy on a YouTube or YouTube Kids app. This way, there is no overhead of subscribing to individual channels and in-app purchases. There are also other exciting new features that you avail from this new service of YouTube. To know the subscription costs and other related information regarding the YouTube Red app, continue reading through the blog.

YouTube Red app

YouTube Red App


The premium service from YouTube is right now compatible with a few of the popular streaming devices such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Select Roku models, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In addition to this long list, it is also compatible with smart TVs such as Android TVs.

Two additional features that you must know

Complementing the ad-free streaming experience, the YouTube Red app also provides offline viewing and audio playback even when the screen is turned off. These are specifically available for three apps namely YouTube, YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming. Without a connection to the internet, you can watch downloaded videos for up to 30 days. However, the catch is that you cannot like or comment on a video when offline.

Ad-free content on surround sound

Listen to your favorite videos even when they’re turned off with the help of speaker connections. This means that you can connect the device playing YouTube Red app videos to an external speaker.

So get ready to stream the members-only original shows on your streaming device. Besides, you also get a $10 worth subscription for Google Play Music free of cost. Pay only for one of the two services and benefit from both the Google apps.

Cost and availability to users

For Android users, the service is strictly $10 in cost with no concessions and for IOS users it is $13 per month to access YouTube Red.

You could avail the YouTube Red service only in a few countries such as the US, Mexico, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. In case you are planning to travel now, we would suggest you buy the channel once you return home.

Popular original shows exclusively to RED users

Like most streaming services, the YouTube Red app also has content hand-picked for its users. They are;

  1. Bad Internet – it is a short which decides how the future is going to be (possibly subdivided into prominent groups)
  2. Dance Camp ­– the fun and frolic that happens during dance summer camps
  3. Escape the Night – this shows boasts to be a reality show that tracks murder mysteries in the country
  4. Ghostmates ­– this one is both eerie and humorous and has some very interesting episodes for you
  5. Broke – this deals with how tragic it is to be poor in a first world nation

Go enjoy all these shows as soon as you activate the premium app on your desired device.

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