Youtube Red Benefits – Why You Must Choose It

Get to Know the YouTube Red Benefits

First of all, YouTube Red is nothing but a premium app available for streaming content. You can access anything and everything on the YouTube platform, but ad-free. You also get access to other similar apps such as YouTube Kids. Moreover, everything inside the app is always free, meaning there are no in-app purchases. Apart from this, there are few other YouTube Red benefits which we have elaborated in this article.

YouTube Red Benefits

YouTube Red Benefits

When You are a Red User, you get Access to These Shows

Most popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu each have their own set of original TV shows. Similarly, the YouTube Red app too has some of the finest TV shows exclusively for their users.

Dance Camp

This is supposed to be a summer camp coupled with all the fun and frolic of dance.

Bad internet

An apt prediction of what the future is going to be; divided by technology.

Escape the Night

Well, this is supposed to be a reality show that possibly tracks down murder mysteries across the nation.


A cool combination of humor and suspense, this show will definitely keep you glued to your seats.


If you are in a first world nation and also poor, then you may relate a lot to this TV show.

To enjoy all these TV programs without the interruptions of unwanted ads, then go ahead and add the YouTube Red service.

What Devices Support the Service

Right now, not all devices are compatible with this paid app from YouTube. A few devices that can currently stream the app include;

  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Some Roku models
  • Smart TVs
  • Android TVs

Other Must-Know Features

Adding value to already super YouTube app, the YouTube Red App allows users to enjoy offline viewing. And the next noteworthy feature is the ability to support playback on a turned off screen. In case you are travelling to a country that doesn’t support the above mentioned app, then you can use our guidelines.

  • Access your favorite videos
  • And then, download them
  • Save it as an offline video on your account
  • Access these videos for up to a month
  • This is applicable for:

Surround Sound – Other Benefits

To complement the previously mentioned YouTube Red benefits, you can enjoy surround sound quality audio. This is however, through external speakers that are connected to your respective streaming player or TV. Like we mentioned earlier, this premium app has the ability to run in the background.

To add this great entertainment app on your favorite device and to setup a corresponding account, reach out to us. Our customer support team will be able to guide you through these setup processes with quick results. We also have an open live chat facility to help users get immediate answers for persistent channel issues.

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