What To Do When You Cannot Play Any Video On The Youtube?

YouTube Videos Not Loading Issue

The YouTube app is home to millions of videos across genres that are unimaginable. However, there may times when none of these videos are available for you to stream. In such circumstances, you definitely should reach out to expert help to resolve the playback issue. Before finding a solution, you need to analyze the causes of the ‘YouTube videos not loading’ issue first.

YouTube Videos Not Loading

YouTube Videos Not Loading

What causes it?

  • Outdated browser
  • Memory that holds your cookies is full
  • Incompatible Adobe Flash player
  • Error in connection settings

Outdated browser

Did you know that browsers too have versions and it is essential that you update them on a regular basis? For instance, if you are using a Safari or a Google Chrome browser, you can opt for automatic updates. If do not wish to update them automatically, then keep a time frame and update them manually. These decisions can be handled by getting out to the settings menu of your browser. If you need assistance in finding these settings on your Roku, call Roku Support Number.

Memory full

Generally, it is the browser cache that holds information on your recent browsing history and cookies. It is only natural for this memory to get full when you keep browsing too many videos on YouTube. In which case, all you need to do is clear the memory and make space for your new browsing history. This too can be accessed from the browser settings menu available to alter on the browser.

Incompatible Flash Player

The flash player also may be a cause for your YouTube videos not loading issue. There are one of several ways to get this right for the YouTube app. First, check the version of the Adobe player by accessing its Settings menu. Then check the minimum requirements that must be met for the YouTube app on your device. If it does not match, then you may have to update to the latest version; you can also delete and download the latest version instead.

Error in connection settings

YouTube requires you to be connected to a network in order to play your favorite videos. Therefore, it is quite essential that you are connected to the internet and a good one too. If you are troubleshooting this issue, then there are a few things that you have to make a note of.

  1. Check the Ethernet cables; use new ones if possible
  2. Otherwise check router settings
  3. Contact ISP to configure the settings
  4. Check with the ISP for network issues
  5. Troubleshoot LAN ports – on device and router
  6. Make necessary changes to device settings for the network
  7. Connect another device
  8. Check network settings
  9. Play videos on another app
  10. Uninstall and reinstall app
  11. Perform a system update
  12. Run updates for the app
  13. Create a new user account

If none of these techniques work for you, then simply call us to know what is wrong with the app. Sometimes, there can also be a server issue in which case you must wait for the server to be up again. Visit our website https://www.youtubetvred.com/ for the best assistance in case you encounter the YouTube videos not loading problem on any streaming or mobile device. We will resolve the issue with the help of our tech experts.

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